[the girl]

Well, hey there, Sunshine!
 I'm Jessica.

I'm a rebel with a cause. And also lots of cardigans.

After graduating near the top of my class with a BA in English, I found myself caught in the midst of my own particular brand of the quarter-life crisis. Essentially, this is me trying to figure shit out, experience as much of my corner of the universe as possible, and still manage to feed my very needy and very shnuggly cat.

When I'm not being overzealous, drinking cheap wine out of tiny bottles, or collecting keys, I can be found sleeping with the lights on after watching too much Scifi channel.

Sometimes I'm a Ramblebot 5000, and sometimes I jumps into rivers with extreme reckless abandon, but mostly I just turn every tea into an iced tea and stare at people with impressive real and/or fake moustaches.

At the end of each day, I just want to know that I've done everything in my power to be completely and intensely happy. Except for sacrificing goats and stuff. That crosses a line.