Sunday, January 20, 2013

pinterest, killing curses, and my 400 square-foot living space

Let's be real for a second. I love Pinterest. I get about 47.7% of my craft ideas from there, (y'know, roughly speaking), and quite frankly, I love the idea of being able to organize the whole internetz.

But if I had a nickel for each time someone has posted something with the caption, "I'll be glad I pinned this!" or "Brilliant!" I WOULD HAVE SO MANY NICKELS, YOU GUYS.

786 ways to throw up in a donkey stomach!

I'll be glad I pinned this!

Turn old toilet paper rolls into older-looking toilet paper rolls!

Brilliant! I need more of those!

Learn to whistle with your butthole!

I'll be so glad I pinned this!

Pin THIS! (This is where I'd gesture offensively towards the male genitalia I don't have. Just sayin'.)

In other news, I did refinish/refurnish ALL THE THINGS in my apartment yesterday. This sounds like a death-defying feat, but actually I live in a cupboard. Under the stairs. Also, I'm Harry Potter.


*(Disclaimer: for whatever reason, I just want to end every single blog post with fondly and declaratively calling you all bitches. I'm working on it.

** (Double disclaimer: "declaritavely" apparently isn't a word. Well, I do declare: the fuck?)


  1. THIS. EXACTLY this. you know, there are a ton of things i'm totally glad i pinned, and strangely enough, none of them have ever been anything that exhorted me to pin it.

    also, do you honestly believe there are people who have the time to cut carrots and potatoes into tiny little hearts? i personally don't.

    also, because openID is evil i'm commenting on this from my google account - but i'm @aduronia on twitter and is my blog, and we're going to be #biscuits together this year :)

  2. We are going to be the CHEESIEST #BISCUITS OF ALL TIME. Also, #biscuits is some totally hip lingo I didn't know existed until just this second. YAY, BISC!

  3. "Pin now, read later!" You forgot that one.

    Declaratively? Nope that didn't work either. I TRIED. Also, I'm giving you permission to use it as a word.

    1. You're so right. That might actually be my LEAST favorite one. And it's always a stupid list about stupid stuff that will NEVER EVER MOTHERLOVING MATTER EVER. "457 ways to organize your entire house!" Fact: everything on that list is about scrubbing stuff and throwing shit away.

      Also, I'm declaritively declare e'rythang up in this bitch.

  4. I am laughing at this while thinking of all the times I have ended sentences and conversations with "bitches" and all the new uses for it!
    Again, I just love your blog~!

    1. Ahaha. Steph, (can I call you Steph? I'm letting it happen), some people think of profanity as a sign of stupidity or lack of vocabulary. I like to think of it like sriracha sauce; things are okay without it, but EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH BITCHES.